Welcome to the Venue Magic Frequently asked questions section.

On this page we hope to answer some of the more popular questions that get asked when evaluating Venue Magic.

Venue Magic 2.6

Because of significant improvements made in Venue Magic 2.6, the old “Check for Updates” function will no longer work with older versions of Venue Magic. You must download and install Venue Magic from links below.

VenueMagic 2.6 Express
VenueMagic 2.6 Classic
VenueMagic 2.6 DMX+AV
VenueMagic 2.6 DMX2+AV
VenueMagic 2.6 SC+
VenueMagic 2.6 SC2+


VenueMagic Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What type of audio file formats does VenueMagic support?

VenueMagic will play any unprotected wave, MP3 or Window Media audio files.  VenueMagic will not play files that have been protected.

  • How long can a VenueMagic timeline be?

There is no virtually limit to how long a timeline can be.

  • How fast will VenueMagic control lamps?

Depending on the performance of you computer, VenueMagic will control lamps with a max resolution of 1/30th of a second.

  • I have a none Venue Magic USB DMX dongle. Will it still work with Venue Magic?

VenueMagic 2.6 supports an ever-growing list of popular DMX512 interfaces.  If you don’t see yours on the supported devices list (click here) then please email support@venuemagic.com to check.

  • Will VenueMagic run on a Mac computer?

Venue Magic does not natively support Mac computers at this time.  You can however run it through Parallels.

If using Parallels on a Mac you must disable home profile sharing for your virtual windows instance. (see image below)

Parallels Venue Magic FixDisable Parallels Home Sharing for Venue Magic use on Mac

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