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I run a one man Elvis Show and I can say without any fears that VenueMagic allows me to create a theater style feel to my show. It does everything needed lighting wise, sound wise and event wise. I now only click my Venue Magic start key at 8.00pm to start my show and it does everything right through to the end at midnight and never have to touch it, it plays my show music followed by interval music and then back to my show music all set up on VenueMagic  Brilliant and I really mean that Brilliant.

Alan Moore

Thank you very much for developing VenueMagic.  This is the best software that has “timeline” approach and overall a great program from usability point of view, nicely different from outdated DMX controllers, and I will recommend it to all my clients.

Maxim Glaezer

We installed VenueMagic to run our decorative and entertainment lighting. It has performed over and above our expectations since the beginning. It’s stability, programming simplicity and ease of use have made it an ideal choice for us. Anyone who can use a computer can be trained to operate a show using VenueMagic with about 15 minutes training! VenueMagic is innovative in it’s approach to lighting design and control, broad ranging in its options and effects and combines several technologies into one simply brilliant piece of software!”

Amelia Hannaford
Owner, Flames of the Forest.

I am a mobile dj. I struggled initially with setting VenueMagic up, this I feel was down to my computer knowledge rather than the product.  However, I spent some time on learning about it and eventually set up a couple of projects. I used these live at a party and was blown away by the show. It was stunning, brilliant. I will blowing VenueMagic’s trumpet on all the dj forums I post on and cannot recommend VenueMagic enough.  The only thing that will limit your shows will be you! Buy!

Simon Carlton

I have to tell you that from what I’ve seen your software is exactly what what’s missing in the market – and I have looked at a lot.  I think it will become very popular when more people find out about it.  There just isn’t that much good software out there for creating timeline based shows.  And what is out there doesn’t compare to what you have (and I’ve only used it enough to scratch the surface).   You have done a great job overall in creating the software and the support stuff around it including the videos.  I hope you sell a ton.

Mark Calligari

Thank you for building this great program!

Gary Gifford

How can you manage to provide such a good service? It’s a very rare combination to find really good software a n d superb service. Since I prefer Linux, I was looking in a lot of DMX software before I got VenueMagic. When I did not find the solution I wanted with Linux, I started looking for Windows Software. Most of it was not satisfying. I narrowed it down to two. Since the price of the other one was twice the price from VenueMagic, the decision was clear. If I had known just how easy it is to work with VenueMagic, I wouldn’t have looked around at all. I just find it a little difficult to tell others about it. Because when they use VenueMagic as well, they can make the same or even a better show. But maybe that kind of competition will help me to make our shows even better?   Thanks for all your help,

Gunther Ertel
Gravenwiesbach. Germany

Last night i used Venue Magic for the first time. Venue Magic was so smooth & easy to operate. I was able to switch from program to program & from fixture to fixture with the click of a button. The ease of going into the level line of a fixture and change the speed, pattern or dimmer within a few seconds, made my light show precise to the point that I was getting complements from guests and the venue. That alone made my day & the purchase price of the program. Thank you for your great customer support.

A happy customer,
Jack Lillian

Thank you, thank you, thank you VenueMagic for finally putting lighting design into an easily understandable format. Thanks to your program I will finally be able to complete projects I have been designing for YEARS but have been unable to complete as I could not find a software program that was affordable, easily understood and reliable enough for stage use. Since purchasing Venuemagic all of these problems have been instantly resolved. Kind regards,

Craig Stewart

Great software!! looks like what I need to do a real DMX controlled animatronic haunt show.

Robert Vandeest

Firstly, I must say that i am really impressed with the VenueMagic software I purchased. I have booked my first theatre gig for the end of July, VenueMagic being the main hub of my act, controlling the music, 11 dmx fixtures including smoke machine and guitar fx midi patch changes.

Steven Ricard

Of all the experiences our band members have had with music equipment vendors and software developers, our experience with VenueMagic, even in some down times, was really very painless. Plus, your VenueMagic products are unbelievable. The AV version has made us aware of so much more we can do for our show that we will be ordering the two universe VMAV version shortly.  Thank you so much.

Doug Patterson

Great software!! looks like what I need to do a real DMX controlled animatronic haunt show.

Robert Vandeest

I have been using VM for about a month now.  Because of it we were able to get a whole new set of lights for our shows a lot cheaper, and people were amazed at the increase in quality.  I am a musician with a background in recording with Protools and am enjoying makeing amazing scenes that our intern light guy or anyone can make look great.  Also, I have all of our house lights on the sytem so with a push of a button I can change the enrire environment.  I feel really cool.  Laugh  Thank you for that.

Jim Callahan

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