• VenueMagic V3.0

    VenueMagic V3.0

    Great new look and some fantastic new features

    VenueMagicâ„¢ 3.0 features a completely redesigned interface based on customer feedback and usability studies. The new interface sports a more modern flat design, updated icons and colors which reduce eye fatigue while programming and overall screen brightness during performance playback. New features include the ability to collapse and group programming tracks together to make on screen presentation and use easier.

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  • Timeline Based Software

    Timeline Based Software

    Create spectacular shows with precisely synchronized video, audio and DMX lighting.

    VenueMagic Show Control Software lets you create spectacular lightshows with precisely synchronized video, audio and DMX lighting using a powerful, easy to understand graphical timeline-based editor. This is DMX software at its finest.

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  • Full Fixture List

    Full Fixture List

    Easy to view graphical DMX Address map and full fixture list

    VenueMagic includes a list of commonly used fixtures for a variety of manufacturers. Drag fixtures from the library into the DMX address map for easy address assignment. Later, print out a list of your fixtures and their address switch settings. (VenueMagic Classic and DMX+AV editions only)

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  • Playlist/Cue Control

    Playlist/Cue Control

    Playback timlines, music and video at the push of a button

    The full featured playlist feature lets you play back your timelines and music in a set order at the push of a button. Trim your music, add fades and dissolves and insert wait commands to ensure a professional playback of your show. The playlist feature is great for theatrical and music applications where the same list of DMX lighting, Audio and Video cues are needed time and time again.

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  • Envelope Editor

    Envelope Editor

    View and control audio and lighting effects quickly and easily

    Venue Magic uses envelopes to control audio volume and effect levels as well as lamp levels and lamp effect settings. The envelope editor greatly simplifies the task.

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  • Built In Lamp Chaser

    Built In Lamp Chaser

    Over 100 Different Built in Chase Effects for Lighting

    Select from a library of over 100 built-in lamp chasers. Control chaser speed by envelope, by MIDI slider or using the beat-tapper feature. You can also tell a chaser to analyze a music clip to find the beat and match it--not just BPM, but beat for beat.

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  • Programmable Faders

    Programmable Faders

    Control any fixture channel at any time

    Programmable Channel Faders can be setup to control any audio or lamp levels. They can also control groups of lamps. Programmable slider can also be controlled by MIDI, DMX or joystick inputs.

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  • Lamp Preview and 3D

    Lamp Preview and 3D

    Lamp Preview and Compatible with Capture Polar

    The Lamp preview window lets you see a real-time playback of your lamps during the show. Being compatible with Capture Polar 3D Visualiser software means you can also design and program your show without the need to set up your equipment.

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