• ControlNodes


    Attraction and Show Control Hardware

    A simple and effective stand alone show control solution for your themed attraction, escape room, scare maze, museum or exhibition.

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  • Timeline Based Software

    Timeline Based Software

    Create spectacular shows with precisely synchronized video, audio and DMX lighting.

    VenueMagic Show Control lets you control and create spectacular attractions and shows with precisely synchronized video, audio and DMX lighting using a powerful, easy to understand graphical timeline-based editor. This is show control at its finest.

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  • Playlist/Cue Control

    Playlist/Cue Control

    Playback timlines, music and video at the push of a button

    The full featured playlist feature lets you play back your timelines and music in a set order at the push of a button. Trim your music, add fades and dissolves and insert wait commands to ensure a professional playback of your show. The playlist feature is great for theatrical and music applications where the same list of DMX lighting, Audio and Video cues are needed time and time again.

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  • Envelope Editor

    Envelope Editor

    View and control audio and lighting effects quickly and easily

    Venue Magic uses envelopes to control audio volume and effect levels as well as lamp levels and lamp effect settings. The envelope editor greatly simplifies the task.

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  • Programmable Faders

    Programmable Faders

    Control any fixture channel at any time

    Programmable Channel Faders can be setup to control any audio or lamp levels. They can also control groups of lamps. Programmable slider can also be controlled by MIDI, DMX or joystick inputs.

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  • Lamp Preview and 3D

    Lamp Preview and 3D

    Lamp Preview and Compatible with Capture Polar

    The Lamp preview window lets you see a real-time playback of your lamps during the show. Being compatible with Capture Polar 3D Visualiser software means you can also design and program your show without the need to set up your equipment.

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  • VenueMagic V3.5 is here!

    VenueMagic V3.5 is here!

    Great new look and some fantastic new features

    The most powerful and comprehensive show control software in the world just got better. For over 10 years, VenueMagic's unique graphical timeline-based approach to show control has set the standard for sophistication and ease-of-use in the show control world. Now VenueMagic takes another leap forward with some exciting new features.

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  • VenueMagic Screens

    VenueMagic Screens

    User Designed Configurable Cue Button Screens

    VenueMagic Screens is a powerful graphical user interface design tool that lets you create your own user interfaces with on-screen buttons, sliders, lamps, images and more, all with a simple drag-and-drop editor. Add video windows to your screens with the optional plugin. Use VenueMagic Screens to create the perfect interface to give you total control of your show. Create elaborate touchscreen puzzles for your escape room. You no longer to need hire expensive programmers to create professional-looking computer displays. You can do it all with VenueMagic! VenueMagic Screens is included with the VenueMagic SC+ and SC2+ editions.

 Welcome to Venue Magic Show Control

 VenueMagic Show Control is one of the most advanced, revolutionary, timeline based show control software on the market today. Paired with ControlNodes hardware it makes an amazing all in one solution for controlling any themed attraction, escape room, exhibition, museum showcase, theatre or musical show plus much more – The capabilities are only limited to your imagination!

It will lets you create anything from a simple light show with audio through to a fully immersive multi-zone themed attraction, a spectacular controlled light show with precisely synchronised video, audio and DMX or even controlling animatronics or special effects in props or games.

VenueMagic’s unique timeline-based approach to control is easy to use and it’s multi-track mixing, audio clips and built in effects and chases lets you create shows with perfectly synchronized video, audio and lighting effects in no time at all. Need to trigger actions based on specific conditions like switch sequences and combinations? Not a problem.  Many puzzles that would normally require expensive custom hardware and programming can be done easily with VenueMagic.  VenueMagic’s graphical user interface builder is great for making puzzles.  You can create your own custom screen layouts, controller and even things such as advanced clue systems for escape rooms.

VenueMagic is ideal for:

  • Theme parks and themed attractions,

  • Architectural lighting,

  • Tradeshow and exhibitions,

  • Stage productions,

  • Conference and live events,

  • Clubs,

  • Halloween Haunts and Scare Mazes,

  • Schools,

  • Museums

  • and so many more…

VenueMagic Minimum System Requirements:

    • Windows 7, 8 and 10  (32 Bit and 64 Bit supported)

    • Windows Aero Theme recommended

    • 2048 MB RAM (4gb min if using recording or Video)

    • Minimum 500 MB available hard drive storage

    • DirectX 8.1 or higher

    • Intel Core or AMD x64 processor

    • Spare USB port (for USB to DMX interface) – 500 mA power required

    Audio Formats

    • .wav (16-bit required, 44.1khz preferred)

    • .mp3 (converted internally to .wav 16-bit/44.1khz)

    Mac Support – VenueMagic® runs very well and has been tested extensively on Parallels 9, 10 and 11

    MIDI Controller Requirements

    VenueMagic receives and detects MIDI Channel Messages as it’s primary mechanism for External MIDI Control.  Controllers such as the Rolls MidiBuddy only send messages on a single Channel and therefore can only function for a single external control like a single cue button.  When evaluating MIDI controllers you should make sure that the device is either programmable or sends a variety of Channel Messages.

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