Whether your project or show is to entertain, to inform or to mesmerize, our range of  live output and stand alone video, audio and dmx lighting players offers a reliable way to run your show.  Their use is unlimited and we have sold, customised and help install systems in all sorts of attractions from zoned interactive areas in museums, theme park attractions, rides and shows, exhibition stands and shows, live music venues, circus tours and event production companies and many more places.

Our range of live and stand alone playout units feature solid-state show controllers built for playback of synchronous audio, video, animation, lighting, and mechanical action. .Each unit in the range can operate stand-alone or can connect with Venue Magic SC+ and can be programmed to receive input from a variety of sensors such as buttons, pressure mats, PIRs and many other input devices and code.

They are designed for daily operation in harsh environments, built to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Shows can be set to loop on power-up; be triggered internally by other timelines, digital or analog inputs or simply begin from a button, UDP command via a touchscreen or theatre automation system.

IO48 ControlNode

The ControlNode is an absolute powerhouse! It has 48 channels of Inputs and Outputs, an audio output, HDMI out for up to 4k video and 512 DMX output!  Combine that with the ability to simultaneously playback up to 20 timelines at the same time with plenty of other amazing features such as channel routing, events and variables.

IO48 ControlNode Specifications

  • 9-30V DC Power Input through Barrel Jack or Terminal Connectors
  • Ethernet Port (10/100)
  • Audio Jack (Stereo Output)
  • HDMI (Up to 4k Video resolution, MP4 format)
  • DMX Output Port (up to 512 channels).
  • 16 Open Collector Outputs (2xULN2803A)
    • 250mA max per output, multiple connectors can be tied together to provide more output current capability
    • Four Power Supply Positive connected terminals
    • Four Power Supply Ground connected terminals
  • 16 Optically Isolated Inputs
    • 2.2k pullups for each pin
    • Four Power Supply Positive connected terminals
    • Four Power Supply Ground connected terminals
  • 16 PWM Outputs
    • Adjustable frequency PWM up to about 1.6 KHz
    • Defaults to 60 Hz for Hobby Servo PWM
    • 220 Ohm series resisters for driving LEDs
    • Push-Pull Option for LED driving
    • Separate Power supply input for servo power pins
  • 2 USB Ports for Future Expansion including additional USB Audio Devices


All ShowNodes devices require VenueMagic Professional (SC+) 3.1 and above to configure and program. Once configured, standalone playback does not require VenueMagic.


To buy the Show ControlNode Please contact us.

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