If you are a licensed user of Virtual DJ you can download the Venue Magic Plugin free of charge by clicking here

Harness the power of VenueMagic DMX lighting control from Atomix’s Virtual DJTM with the new VenueMagic plugin for Virtual DJ.With the Venue Magic Virtual DJ plugin you no longer have to worry about jumping from software to software when trying to control your audio and lighting at an event. The Venue Magic Virtual DJ plugin allows you to run VenueMagic timelines and cues directly from the Virtual DJ console via eight programmable buttons banks in the VDJ effects menue which gives you control of up to a total of up to 128 timelines.

It’s easy to use. Simply run VenueMagic Classic, DMX+AV or SC+ on the same computer, or remotely over Ethernet. Then run Virtual DJ and select the VenueMagic Link plugin within the “other” menu of Effects within Virtual DJ. VenueMagic Link lets you pick from a list of detected VenueMagic’s (running locally or on the network) and then automatically loads all of the VenueMagic project’s timelines. Drag and drop timelines onto cue buttons and you’re ready to go.

Taking sound to light to a whole new level:

With this plugin there is no need to use a separate microphone to pick up the music and attempt to keep your lighting in time with the music. The Venue Magic Virtual DJ dmx lighting plugin ensures your VenueMagic chasers are always locked in to VDJ’s BPM and precisely sync’d to the beat of the music playing on theactive deck, and will stay sync’d even as you adjust the pitch slider.

Here’s a brief video we have created of how the Plugin works:

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