VenueMagic V3 has launched!!!!

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VenueMagic V3 has launched!!!!

VenueMagic V3 screen shot

VenueMagic V3 screen shot

Well after a long development process and over 6 months of Beta testing and bug fixing we are please to announce that VenueMagic V3 has officially launched!

The new version is a major step forward in the history of VenueMagic Show Control Software and along with a new professional, modern look and feel a number of features have been added and existing features upgraded to continue to improve the industry standard show control software in the haunt and theme attractions industry.

As with any new major software update in the software industry there has been an increase in purchase price across all versions of VenueMagic V3 except VenueMagic Lite (express V3) which sees a new competitive entry level price of just £45. BUT! don’t be fooled by its new low price it still packs a punch offering 512 channels of DMX control, a standard fixture library and a user fixture library, access to more DMX devices and in the future will also be compatible with the VenueMagic Virtual DJ Plugin.

For current VenueMagic 2.6 users who have purchase VenueMagic before 1st January 2015 this will be a chargeable upgrade. Support will continue for version 2.6 for those not wanting to pay for the upgrade to V3 and those who purchased 2.6 licenses after 1st January 2015 will be grandfathered into this version at no additional charge.  To receive your free upgrade to V3 please email support @ venuemagic .co .uk with proof of purchase for your free upgrade code.

New features:

  • Timeline Page Tabs let you divide your timeline into multiple pages to make it easier to program timelines with a large number of tracks.  Pages can overlap so that the same tracks appear on different pages.  Play back one page at a time or all of them at once.
  •  Collapsible Tracks allow you to show individual timeline tracks at different heights, depending on the level of detail you wish to see.  When fully collapsed, a track shows a minimal amount of information, allowing more tracks to be displayed on the screen at once.
  • Group Tracks let you combine multiple timeline tracks into a single group track so that the tracks are only visible when the group is expanded.
  • Audio Mix-down provides the ability to mixdown all of the audio tracks in a timeline to a single audio file.  Includes auto-attenuation feature to prevent saturation and clipping.
  • Record DMX with Time code.  The DMX record feature no allows you to use and external time base while recording.  Includes SMPTE (over serial), ProCommander PHX (over UDP), ProCommander LTC (UDP) and MIDI time code.
  •  New VenueMagic Plug-in Framework allows more flexibility for interfacing with hardware such as slider consoles, timeline shuttle controls, etc…  Plug-ins also add “specialized” features to VenueMagic including automatic channel and timeline setup.  Plug-ins will be announced as they become available.
  • Enhanced DMX recording features and data capture improvements.
  • Stability and performance enhancements.
  • Control.ini external reference now available for all Weigl devices for advanced scripting via the Weigl ASCII protocol.


Upgrade Costs:

Please contact us with your version.

New Retail Prices:

VenueMagic Lite (Express V3)  £45
VenueMagic  (Classic V3) £300
VenueMagic AV (DMX+AV v3) £480
VenueMagic Professional (SC+ V3) £865

Merry Christmas from All… Looking forward to 2015 :)

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On belhalf of everyone at VenueMagic UK we wish you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Its been another bumper of a year for VenueMagic UK with more and more companies and enthusiasts using VenueMagic Show Control to power their projects this side of the waters.  We will be updating our case studies page over the next few months so if you have any pictures or videos of VenueMagic in use why not get in contact.

The first updated case study is Chessington World of Adventure – who are using VenueMagic show control on a number of their attractions within the park and during special events such as Howl’O’Ween 2013. Checkout the newly updated page here

2015 already looks like it’s going to be even better with lots of developments happening behind the scenes with some great new features and plugins being worked on ready for the next release along with a few more obvious changes to the website and logo which you may already have noticed. The new logo will be slowly filtering through into all the product packaging and software splash screens over the first quarter of 2015.

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