VenueMagic V3 to be released

Posted by vmadmin on April 21, 2015 in All News, Updates

At the International Attractions and Amusement Park Industry (IAAPA) tradeshow  VenueMagic™ 3.0 release was announced.

VenueMagic V3 screen shotThe VenueMagic™ Show Control Software has become the industry’s best kept secret for themed show design, programming and playback. By combining all of the aspects into a single easy to understand timeline based interface at an affordable price, VenueMagic™ is the first show control software to break out of the hardware centric model to allow programmers and designers to work independent of the chosen hardware solution.

VenueMagic™ 3.0 will feature a completely redesigned interface based on customer feedback and usability studies. Programming tracks can be collapsed and grouped together to make on screen presentation and use easier. This will allow show programmers and designers to have more tracks on screen at the same time and logically group them into sets which can be shown as needed. The new interface also sports a  more modern flat design, updated icons and colors which reduce eye fatigue while programming and overall screen brightness during performance playback.

Another important feature for the Attraction and Amusement Park market is the new audio mixdown feature which will allow for VenueMagic™ to mixdown the audio for output to hardware common in the install market. Previously the audio had to be mixed and output using a separate audio package prior to hardware upload even though VenueMagic™ has always supported the ability to do multi-channel audio mixing and distribution internally for live programming and playback.

Scripting capabilities made their debut in the VenueMagic™ 2.6 release of the software and have supported a number of custom processes over the last year in a variety of markets. The 3.0 release will feature general scripts which will support a wide range of products generally available in the marketplace. Scripts for specific hardware such as the Mackie Universal Control and and Weigl ProCommander are planned with more on the way. Scripts can be licensed separately to allow users at every price point to enjoy the additional features.

Additional feature information will be forthcoming with a planned general availability release date announced soon.

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