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Full integration with Venue Magic to offer offline 3D Viewing of Venue Magic Projects.

visualiser13D Viewing of projects is now possible with  Venue Magic thanks to the addition of Capture Argo 3D visualiser integration into the VenueMagic Show Control software platform. Adding to VenueMagic’s already comprehensive Show Control solution, Capture Argo 3D visualiser integration allows VenueMagic users to incorporate Capture show design software directly with VenueMagic, further streamlining and centralising show control.

Capture brings the ability to create real-time shadows, volumetric beams, realistic color mixing and HDR mapping with your lighting equipment giving live performers, visual artists, haunted houses, production houses, museums, houses of worship and a variety of other lighting applications a powerful lighting visualization tool with VenueMagic’s ability to synchronise audio, video and lighting control.

VenueMagic and Capture not only run on the same computer machine together but they can also interface via Ethernet, connected via a network or crossover cable. Once connected, VenueMagic gives users several tools and features designed to help simplify the process of using Capture Argo to visually display VenueMagic playback.

VenueMagic supports interfacing to Capture Polar Visualizer versions 2.8.11 and Capture Argo and above. Capture visualiser is not included with VenueMagic and must be purchased separately.

Capture is a lighting design package for Windows and Mac which not only helps installers and designers experiment with their ideas in real-time, but acts as an excellent training tool for operators. The intuitive ‘drag-and-drop’ user interface makes any Windows user feel at home and means they can begin working on their designs without the need for a 2-day introduction course. Capture allows you to work in real-time with all objects, without the need to switch modes or applications, allowing for maximum flexibility and creativity.

Setting up the venue, adding fixtures, filters and gobos is all done very easily with drag and drop. In fact, Capture is so efficient that you can use it as a tool when discussing the lighting with your client over a cup of coffee!

Capture has launched into the installation market by providing designers and specifiers with the tools to experiment with and demonstrate ideas in real-time, making alterations and suggestions right in-front of the client. By dragging fixtures and objects around the screen, beam angles, projection distances and the effects of gobos can all be determined. It provides facilities to experiment with the physical design of the venue quickly and easily by combining a true ‘CAD’ style operating environment with the simplicity of a windows ‘drag and drop’ interface. Photographs and textures can even be imported as materials to ‘wrap around’ objects.

The Solo Edition is the entry-level license, a lighter version than the Basic Edition, built for the purpose of visualizing lights in a single DMX universe for users without need of documentation. Capture is a lighting design and documentation software available for Windows and Mac OS X. Capture allows you to work in real-time with all elements of your design, providing a streamlined environment for your creativity.


Capture Editions Overview

Solo Basic Extended
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Users per license 1 1 1
DMX universes 1
Connect to any DMX source
Realtime lighting design & visualisation
Work with layers & scenes
Create custom gobos
Customizable wheels and gel strings
Import and export CSV files
3D Connexion mouse support
Free e-mail support
Free software updates
Full AtlaBase (6.000+ fixture) library
LED panel visualization
Create & print reports
Create & print plots
Import 3DS & OBJ files
LaserAnimation & Pangolin* feeds 1
Video playback (requires QuickTime) 1
 * Compatible with Beyond or LD2000 with the LC Gateway only
Import & export DWG files
Media servers (CITP/MSEX, HMap)
Create presentations
Water jet visualisation
DMX control of cameras
Kinesys K2 and DMX scenery motion control
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