VenueMagic adds Device Virtualization – Swap Fixtures faster and easier

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VenueMagic adds Device Virtualization to its Classic, DMX+AV, and SC+ versions making swapping fixtures faster and easier.

Device Virtualization allows a specific device’s behavior and actions to be applied to a different device, allowing easier programming of different hardware and quicker swapping of problematic hardware.
Lighting professionals and enthusiasts are quick to discover how useful this is: “When I had programmed Parvati’s show YIN: Yoga In The Nightclub based on one kind of 4-channel RGB dimmer and then had to use a different 4-channel RGB dimmer I thought I would have to reprogram all the lighting cues” explains VenueMagic user Rishi Gerald. “But with VenueMagic, all I had to do was add the new device, select ‘Remap’ and the wizard remapped everything without a problem.”
The wizard which Gerald refers to is Device Virtualization, which asks the VenueMagic user if the device routed should behave as the device outlined in the timeline. Before Device Virtualization, a lighting engineer would have to completely reprogram the new device, often times an impossibility if the change occurs too close to show-time.
Similarly, mobile lighting engineers and performing artists can now use a venue’s lighting hardware rather than bring their own and can quickly incorporate that venue’s devices into their programmed show.
“Along with VenueMagic’s DMX Matrix, Device Virtualization is a way we have made once complicated DMX and Lighting programming easier and faster,” says Don Nolan, CEO of ESG-VenueMagic. “We are constantly striving to improve Show Control’s capabilities while also making it more accessible.”
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